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What we offer

    ASISTEC has 3 large service delivery units

  • Microbiology Laboratory
  • Chemistry Laboratory
  • Sampling

These units are focused on satisfying the needs of both public and private clients in various industrial sectors such as the fishing, agricultural and livestock sectors, demonstrating experience and quality in the work of various food matrices that ensure the safety and trust of end consumers.

Microbiology Laboratory

It offers testing services in food, water, soil, compost, sanitary control to food processing plants and industrial hygiene control.

Chemistry Laboratory

It offers testing services on a wide variety of foods, raw materials, servings and supplies, for the general public, as well as for small and large companies.


It offers sampling services for sanitary controls to food producing companies, casinos, universities, schools, etc., considering visual inspection, control of manipulators, food, surfaces and utensils.